Day: September 11, 2022


How I Turned a Hobby into Business’: Homemaker Earns 75000/Month With Home Decor

Growing up in Coimbatore, Deepika Velamurugan would observe her mother drawing rice flour kolams at the entrance of their house. These, she says, were intricate and beautiful designs made using a combination of dots, different geometrical lines, shapes, and colours. Over the years, Deepika picked up thousands of such designs from her mother, inculcating the practice as […]

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Here’s how you can have aloe vera for weight loss

The plant aloe vera is most well-known for being used extensively for a variety of reasons. This plant is regarded as being extremely advantageous for skin, hair, and general health. Because aloe vera gel has hydrating properties, we frequently find aloe vera infusing beauty products. It also has antimicrobial qualities, and several health drinks use […]

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