Day: October 17, 2022

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Arjun Kapoor shares friend Parineeti Chopra’s first look from Uunchai; actress thanks him in the sweetest way

Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra’s best friend, posted the first image from her next movie “Uunchai,” and she couldn’t be happier. The actress claimed that in a “insecure” environment, a gesture like this makes her truly grin from within. In her own beautiful manner, Parineeti congratulated Arjun on her Instagram story. “One of those’moments’ in our […]

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नेताजी के अस्थि विसर्जन में चाचा शिवपाल और अखिलेश के बीच दूरियां नजदीकियों में बदली

आज सुबह समाजवादी पार्टी के संस्थापक सवर्गीय मुलायम सिंह यादव के बेटे और पार्टी के अध्यक्ष अखिलेश यादव नम आंखों से पिता की अस्थियों के कलश को लेकर इन्हें गंगा में प्रवाहित करने के लिए रवाना हुए. जब वह सैफई हवाई पट्टी की ओर विमान में बैठने के लिए निकले तो अखिलेश के गमगीन चेहरे […]

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Latest Lifestyle

After milk, onion prices see 40 per cent rise, cooling down expected by November

Following a decrease in supply, onion prices have increased. The price of the vital good has increased by about 60% to 80% during the past week. The increase in onion prices, according to traders at the Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) in Vashi, will control this price until the markets get fresh crops by the […]

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Ensure every festival is celebrated in peace: Yogi

Yogi Adityanath, the state’s chief executive, reviewed the law and order situation in advance of the impending holiday season and instructed senior government and law enforcement personnel to use every effort to ensure that every festival is observed in peace and harmony. The CM stated that anti-social elements who attempt to disturb law and order […]

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