35 kids held hostage by the school authorities over non-payment of fees.

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Schools are also known as “Temples of Learning,” where young minds and souls are exposed to many types of instruction in order to develop into better human beings and citizens.

But what if schools begin to act in ways that are not expected of them? One such incidence was recorded from Izzatnagar, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, when school authorities allegedly held 35 pupils hostage for non-payment of fees. According to reports, the incident occurred at the Heartmann School. Following this dramatic measure, the school’s Parents’ Association has decided to file a complaint with the school authorities.

According to accounts, the school administration had the students locked up in a room on Saturday due to non-payment of fees. When the parents arrived to pick up their children after school hours, they discovered that they had been confined in a room, causing a commotion and calling the police for assistance when the administrators refused to let the children leave. The students were taken out of the principal’s office after the police intervention. According to reports, the children were plainly terrified, and several of them were crying.

The school administration did not return inquiries about the event. Ankur Saxena, President of the Parents’ Association, said he had been informed about the incident and that they will address it at a meeting on Sunday before filing a formal complaint. According to Sanjay Kumar, Inspector, Izzatnagar Police Station, no charge has been filed against the institution.

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