5 amazing Holi photoshoot ideas to create at your home this Holi

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Holi, a celebration of colour and fun is one the most popular festival of India which is even celebrated outside of our country. But growing Corona cases, it seems many of us will have to exercise precautions and restrict our social contact while celebrating Holi. One the best thing about Holi is the vibrant and vivid pictures everyone takes with colours. If you’re feeling low that you won’t be able to go out and takes those awesome pictures with everyone soaked in vibrant colours don’t worry, here are 5 Holi photoshoot ideas you can create at your home easily:

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1. Hand Prints: Simply soak your hands in vibrant colors and press on your white shirt to make an awesome pattern, do the same with a white backdrop. Lastly Add few strokes of colors on your face and you’re ready.

2. Fountain Effect: Put your camera in burst mode so you can click several pictures in a short period of time, when ready take dry holi color in a plate and with the help on someone drop it on yourself from above while keeping the burst mode on. It will create a nice fountain effect.

3. Holi Color Smoke Bomb: Ask several people to hold different colored smoke color bombs around you (you’ll stand in the middle) and keep your camera ready. When ready ask everyone to burst their bombs and click awesome pictures with cameras.

4. Background Holi Color Smoke Bomb: Or you can stand in front and strike your favorite pose, while at the same time ask someone to burst one colors smoke bomb behind you. As the color smoke starts to engulf you, quickly click awesome pics.

5. Fist Bombs: Simply hold some dry colors in your hand. Next keeping the camera ready, jump while at the same time releasing all the color in the air. The timing here is circular as you need to jump and while in the air release color from your hands to create a wonderful effect.

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