5 amazing tips to reduce hairfall due to sweating

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Sweating is an essential part of our body, as it helps maintain our body temperature and helps remove toxins. But excessive sweating, especially from scalp can cause lactic acid build up which results in hair fall. The lactic acid in the sweat when mixes with keratin in the hair causes them to become weak, brittle and damaged. Another reason excessive sweating causes hair fall is due to the growth of fungal infections, excessive sweating also causes hair to become dehydrated. Excessive sweating from scalp when mixes with dirt and oil can also cause our pores to get blocked, resulting in hair loss. Here are 5 tips to prevent hair fall due to excessive sweating:

1. Wash your hair often, especially in the temperature around you is humid and hot. This will help keep your scalp clear from both sweat and dirt.

2. Deep massaging your scalp with a good oil helps keep it hydrated and healthy. Oil also binds with dirt and the next time you wash your hair, your scalp is cleaned better.

3. Taking steam on your hair helps keep pores of the scalp clear and unclogged. Make sure the steam is ok hot and not super hot, as it can scald you.

4. Brushing your hair improves blood circulation and provides a good air circulation. This keeps your scalp clear and dry.

5. Avoid wearing caps and tight accessories on your head, especially if it’s humid and hot. Tight hair styles such as pony tails also result in excessive sweating on the scalp.

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