5 awesome ways to protect your hair from the summer sun

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Constant exposure to sun damages our skin and hair, both of them can become dull and damaged if exposed to sun for too long. While almost everyone takes precautions to protect their skin from UV rays present in sunlight, hardly anyone cares about the hair. Hair can too get damaged by UV rays which causes drying and brittleness. The heat and the humidity combined with the sweat causes hair to go limp and lifeless. The key to beautiful and voluptuous hair is caring for them everyday. Here are 5 tips to protect your hair this summer:

1. Don’t use too many hair products on your hair as they are loaded with chemicals which leads to over drying and can increase the damage caused by the sun.

2. Using a conditioner to counter dry hair caused by sun is a great way to restore your hair’s natural bounce and moisture.

3. Don’t over shampoo, over shampoo erodes natural oil from your scalp which leads to excessive drying. Shampoo shouldn’t be done everyday, if you sweat too much and have to wash hair daily go for a mild shampoo.

4. Try to avoid heat as much as you can, especially the one from blow dryer. Prefer to air dry your hair than blow drying and avoid using styling irons too.

5. Keep trimming your hair occasionally as the hair on the ends tend to split up due to damage from sun and pollution. Trimming also keep your hair look maintained and fresh.

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