5 benefits of eating soaked almonds

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Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashew etc are full of protein, vitamins and essential nutrients. Consuming them makes sure your body remains healthy, they also help curb down occasional whims of hunger. But chances, you might have seen activated nuts in grocery stores too and have wondered about them. Activate nuts are nuts that are soaked in water, before consumption. This new trend is taking health market by storm as the activation process of nuts makes them more easier to digest. Ayurveda and many indigenous inhabitants always eat nuts after soaking them over night. Read amazing benefits of eating activated nuts exclusively on NewsNowNation

1. More healthier than normal ones

After activation, the nuts become more healthier. This is because once the nuts absorbs water, it starts the process of germination, which in turn makes it more healthier. This is the reason why sprouted beans are more healthy than normal beans.

2. Easily disgested

Activate nuts are also better digested, as they release an enzyme called – Lipase, which improves the absorption and digestion of the nuts.

3. Soaked almonds increases nutritional value

The skin of almonds is rich in – Tannin, that prevents complete absorption of nutrients. Tannin prevents loss of nutrients and hence normal almonds have low nutrient value, but when activated the outer skin can be removed easily which increases the nutritional value of the nut.

4. Contains phytates

 Phytates ( Phytic acid) are substances that decrease the nutritional value of a food, by combining with calcium, zinc, magnesium in the gastrointestinal tract and renders these nutrients useless. Almonds also contain a lot phytates, but activating them negates the negative effect of phytates.

5. Lowers bad cholesterol

Activated almonds also are very good for cardiac health as they are even better at lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) than normal almonds. Activating nuts also improves their effect on our health.

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