5 best honeymoon destinations outside India to not miss in 2021!

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Weddings are special, and so are honeymoons! Honeymoons are the perfect fuel to start your never ending life of Love.  They are meant to be once in a lifetime experiences whose memories are going to endure forever and ever! This list is just a snapshot of 5 of the world’s unique honeymoon destinations, from sunny beaches to snowcapped mountains and even fairy-tale theme parks. Have a look!!

1. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of the most colorful and beautiful honeymoon destinations in the world!It is a small volcanic island famous and  known for its seriously gorgeous sunsets and pristine whitewashed villas.Even couples who get antsy after an hour of beach time will find lots to explore.It has enchanting hotels which make for a luxurious and romantic honeymoon spot in the world.


Mauritius is one of the most romantic place on the world for honeymoon. It is rightly called as the Paradise Island.From enjoying your sweet private time to exploring the adventures together, things to do in Mauritius and places to visit there, has a ton of both. It is not very hard to imagine a romantic time over crystal blue lagoons, coral islets and unspoiled beaches right? However there’s more to Mauritius than just its tropicalbeauty.Go and have fun with water al around you and let your honeymoon be a lifetime memory!

3.Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is a  North African City ,probably nothing less than enchanting with its colourful bustling markets, the breathtaking views from Jbel Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa and ancient mosques. With its bustling souks,the awesome flavorful food, and famously welcoming hospitality, makes Marrakech one the best and the most unique destinations around the world.

 Enjoy your most exotic vacation with your partner.


 Belize is  one of the most popular honeymoon destination for couples from all over the world.It is mainly famous for its picturesque scenery, crystal clear sun kissed beaches, mystic Maya temples, lush greenery provides a nice escape from the usual, which creates a beauty not less than  a paradise like ambiance for the couples on honeymoon. Surprisingly, you can opt for a luxurious stay at an affordable price and get the best of the experiences in this tiny town of Belize.


 Vancouver is a romantic metropolis adorned with adventure.Its majestic peaks,world-class restaurants and multicultural cuisine is going to make your honeymoon a bit more special.

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