5 Food groups to avoid if you’re suffering from constipation

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Everyone loves happy mornings, but nothing ruins them more than a constipated stomach. Constipation can cause irregular bowel movement, cramps, bloating, gas and abdominal pain. If you’re constipated regularly, it’s a sign that your diet is wrong. By eliminating certain foods, you can certainly get relief from constipation. Here are 5 foods to avoid to prevent constipation:

1. Green Bananas are full of resistant starch, which remains undigested and can worsen your constipation. On the other hand, ripe bananas can help with constipation.

2. Caffeine can also worsen your constipation, as it draws water from your colon when consumed in excess. This can make your intestinal environment more dry and painful.

3. Alcohol also causes the same effect as caffeine, not drinking enough water with alcohol prevent cells from working efficiently. The cells in turn draw water from digestive tract, which hinders bowel movement.

4. Fast food are generally loaded with sugar and salt which can cause constipation, the high sodium and food additive content in them causes food to slow down as it passes through colon.

5. Processed and frozen foods are also full of additives, artificial color and flavor, and sodium to prevent them from rotting, but in turn all these additives makes digestion of frozen food difficult which worsens constipation.

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