5 golden rules to follow for healthy relationships

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As we grow up, we discover our lives are intertwined with so many people, whether they are parents, friends, relatives, coworkers or your romantic partners. Keeping up with all these relationships can become overwhelming sometimes, but if you remain true to your heart, everything works out. Amidst all these relationships, we sometimes forget our happiness, which is a bridge between us and the whole world. If you are ever feeling exhausted, try to live by these 5 golden rules to maintain healthy relationships:

1. Make yourself a priority

Love yourself, it might sound cliché but if you truly love yourself, you will choose things that are truly good for you. When you love yourself, you are an authentic version of yourself, which makes your relationship dynamics truly unique.

2. Let the past not ruin your present

Let go of the past, bringing past in your present will only ruin it. The past is in the past for a reason, bringing up dead feud, old conflicts over and over again will only sour your relationships.

3. Don’t change yourself for someone

 Don’t change your style for someone else, it can be your nature, your way of living or even your favorite movies. Don’t alter them to make others like you, whether they are friends, relatives or anyone else. Be unapologetically you.

4. Don’t force a relationship

 Don’t force your love on anyone. If someone doesn’t appreciates your presence,  respect their decision let them go. Forcing a relationship of any kind on anyone is never healthy.

5. Be honest

Most importantly, be honest. Yes, tell people that the joke they made hurt you, or you don’t like going to that café over and over again. Be honest about what you feel, so that any relationship you have also doesn’t feels forced.

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