5 Indian traditions and the science behind them

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Every culture has their unique traditions and rituals, Indian traditions are some of the most oldest which are still followed by millions. Our ancestors decided and created certain traditions which were good and some were to be avoided as they brought bad luck. Many people follow these traditions with their heart, but a lot of folks also believe them to be just superstitions. Thankfully, science has backed up a lot of Indian traditions, which really improve our lifestyle. Here are 5 Indian traditions and the science behind them:

1. Greeting people with a ‘namaskar’ by joining their palm together is a tradition to show respect to other person. But, it not only shows respect but also prevents spread of contagious disease, a perfect example is Corona pandemic where namaste is far safer than a normal hand shake.

2. It is also recommended that you take a bath after visiting a funeral, this is because a lot of germs start to populate in a dead body which can also be dangerous.

3. Finishing food with a sweet dish is an Indian tradition everyone loves. Tryptophan, an amino acid, gets produced when we eat sweets, which in turn increases the serotonin level in the body. Serotonin is responsible for feeling satisfied and content, which makes us feel good after finishing a meal with a sweet dish. It also curbs over-eating.

4. Girls are often prohibited from entering the kitchen during their menstruation, this is because their body is already in lot of stress and requires relaxation. Cooking food, or doing strenuous work can make them more exhausted.

5. Fasting during Navratri, and other sacred days is a way of devotes to show their faith. But fasting is also a great way to lose weight, remove toxins from the body, manage blood sugar levels and give a rest to your digestive system. Studies have also shown that fasting prevents some type of cancers.

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