5 little things which guys find attractive about girls

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Attraction is more than a beautiful face, people also get attracted to your personality and confidence. Guys especially find girls that are confident in themselves and love them unconditionally. But there are some little things that men find especially attractive in women, these little things make you more attractive. Just like women find men with husky voice and a faithful nature attractive, here’s a list of 5 little things that make women more attractive in the eyes of men:

1. Girls who play hard to get everytime usually lose the nicest guys, tease them occasionally and show them you’re not easy to get just enough to make him want you more. If you’re too hard to get guy usually give up and feel it’s not worth the effort.

2. Guys are also attracted towards those girls who don’t nag them in everything. Guys don’t want you to behave like their mom, they want to have a soul mate with whom they can share everything. If you’re always nagging them, you’ll never build a connection.

3. Another thing that guys find attractive is that you aren’t afraid to commit hundred percent. Even men want a serious full committed relationship but with only those girls or women who are ready to commit 100%.

4. No one likes a clingy person, a clingy person drains energy so it’s believable no one likes a clingy girlfriend. If you give him his ample space to breath, you’ll not only help him grow but will become more attractive in his eyes.

5. Guys may not express much they love when you build them up. They find it so attractive that you support them unconditionally. Guys loves that you bring out the best in him.

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