5 mistakes to avoid on your android phone to prevent scams

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Android OS smartphones are the most popular devices in the world, because of their flexibility, compatibility and ease to use. A major percentage of people also use android smartphones in India, since they are also very affordable. But with benefits come risks too, recent surge in cyber scams and thefts, warn that cyber criminals are also upgrading their scamming techniques which naive users are unaware of. By being vigilant about simple things and settings, we can successfully deter a scam or malware attack on our device. Innocent looking android apps sometimes hide malware codes in them and exploit android’s vulnerability to extract your data. Here are some simple things to tighten your android security:

1. Keep your Operating system updated

Always keep your Operating System updated, whenever a new updates comes, update your device as soon as possible. Folks always defer the update, or don’t even install it which leaves them susceptible to bugs and vulnerabilities.

2. Downloas apps only from Play Store

Only download apps from Play Store, side-loading apps in form of apk, may also bring concealed malwares with them.

3.Keep your apps updated

 Always keep your apps updated, since developers fix any existing bugs in their apps, which might be exploited by scammers. Install apps with good ratings from Play Store, low rating apps are often adware.

4. Avoid rooting your device

Don’t root your device, although newer Android OS versions are harder to root, rooting allows apps to directly read your data. It also leaves you highly vulnerable, if ever a malware gets a root privilege.

5. Keep a lockscreen password

Always keep a lockscreen password on your phone, also turn Find My Device on from your settings. Setting Find My Device as an Administrator, will help you track your device in case of theft or loss.

6. Install anti-virus apps

Install an anti-virus with good rating from Play Store- Eset, Kaspersky, Avast, Avira, Norton, Bitdefender, are some of the good examples. An anti-virus app will ease your process of finding malware in apps, find hidden apps in your system and they also provide web security.

7. Clear up your space device regularly

Remove bloatware and unwanted apps from your device to release space, which will also make you device more secure.

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