5 morning habits that don’t let us loose weight

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Some of us are early birds who enjoy the morning sun, while some of us are night owls. Each one of us wakes up in a different way, some keep hitting the snooze while others are even awake before the alarm rings. Our morning rituals become our second nature, something that we redo all our lives and yet some of these could to stop you from experiencing the optimal benefits of weight loss. Research has shown some of these habits can actually hinder and slow down your weight loss regimen. While regular exercise, balanced diet and good sleep are no secrets for good health here are 5 morning rituals you should avoid to accelerate your weight loss.

  1. Don’t skip your breakfast ever, eating a hearty breakfast sets the tone for your whole day. It also provides all the essential nutrients, moreover an empty stomach may cause you to eat unhealthy food.
  2. If you’re not drinking enough water after waking up, it could also lead to weight gain as water helps release toxins accumulated overnight.
  3. Not exercising enough is the cause of weight gain, but if you exercise on an empty stomach in the morning it greatly helps in weight loss.
  4. Oversleeping is also linked to weight gain, if you over sleep everyday your natural clock falls out of sync eventually.
  5. Not taking enough sunshine is also linked to weight gain, vitamin D from the sun rays actually reduces the size of lipids and thus helps in weight loss.

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