5 personality traits of a classy women

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Fashion keeps changing with time, but being classy is eternal. A classy women exudes elegance and confidence without working too much. People often confuse classy with being filthy rich, but you don’t have to be filthy rich to be classy. There are some character points which make you classy and appealing, which makes people give you respect for who you are. Being classy is knowing you have everything and yet not flaunting it. Here are 5 personality traits that makes a women classy:

1. Confident and modest

You’ll know a classy women, when you’ll see one because she will feel different. She will be confident in herself and will radiate confidence and modesty. She will not try to hide her flaws and insecurities behind money. In a world where everyone is going plastic, she will remain true to her beliefs.

2. Classy dressup

You can also sense someone is classy by looking at her styling, a classy women will always be dressed appropriately for any occasion. She’ll never dress vulgarly just to be the center of attention. Elegance is not about being noticed, but being remembered long after you’ve gone. She also keeps her personal hygiene in check.

3. Kind and considerate

A classy women is kind and considerate, she knows the power of kindness and empathy. She isn’t fake and doesn’t succumbs to peer pressure of acting fake.

4. Smile that can change the ambiance

A classy women also knows how important a smile is. A genuine smile can make the whole ambiance better, it also adds elegance and a genuine beauty.

5. Independent and unapologetically themselves

Most importantly, a classy women is independent and unapologetically herself. In today’s world where a lot of folks are becoming clones of each other in looks and personality, being the weird you, the different you is the classiest thing that can ever be.

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