5 pro tips to perfectly straight your hair at home

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Styling your hair is a great way to change your looks. From coloring, to changing the way they look to growing them long or short, hair can be done in plethora of ways and with some tuning they will add wonders to your look. Hair straightening is a simple and effective way to quickly get a sleek, modern look. And now with, hair straightening irons easily available, hair straightening has become quite easy. Before you straighten your hair, do follow some steps to make the most out of the process. One the most important thing is to wash your hair, as they will be most probably dirty with pollution, oil and other styling products. Make your hair perfectly dry before using hair straightener. Flat iron straightener which have non-stick coating are best in market, with  1” to 1.5” width. Also clean the hot plates of hair straightener too, as they get dirty over time.

Here are 5 steps to straighten your hair at home easily:

1. Wash your hair, apply a good conditioner and blow dry them. Apply a smoothing serum to condition then properly. Make sure your hair dry. Dry your hair from roots to tip, as well as comb them well to remove any knots and tangles.

2. Apply a heat protection spray, don’t spray it on your roots.

3. To make the whole process easy divide your hair in sections, you can also use rubber band or aluminum foil to hold the sections in place.

4. After referring from the manual, set the optimal temperature for your hair. Every hair will require different temperature, depending on the straightening iron, hair texture and length.

5. Leaving an inch gap from your hair roots, straighten your hair, one section a time. Once done, let them cool off and enjoy your modern, sleek look.

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