5 proven tips to prevent body odour and smell fresh all day

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India is a relatively hot country with temperature peaking around 30°C on average days, and to be fair bathing is a sure-fine way to tackle the heat and sweat. Bathing is an important part of morning chores, but somedays you just have to skip it. Probably you’re feeling lazy or it’s a bit chilly today, or maybe the work load is just too hectic for the day. You can then skip bathing, but the looming fear of body odours always creeps its way in. You can always skip bathing for a day, but try not to overextend it. Here are 5 best proven ways to tackle body odour without taking a shower:

1. Apple cider vinegar

Mix equal amount of apple cider vinegar with water in a spray bottle, spray it on your hair and let it get absorbed. It will instantly eliminate any hair odor and will make them radiant too.

2. Fabric softener

Washing your clothes with a fabric softener will give them a fragrance of their own that will help keep your body odour in check.

3. Baby wipes

Use baby wipes to dab your face clean, they also have aloe or any other ingredients that calms your skin down and provides refreshing feel.

4. Perfumes

 What’s better than some spritz of perfumes to makes body odor, carry a pocket size perfume with you always in your purse to tackle the issue quickly.

5. Camphor

Keeping a few camphor tablets in your purse will also keep it fresh. And for yourself, keep a small vial of essential oils mixed with a carried oil in your purse, dab it on your pressure points, to instantly get blast of freshness. Fair warning, essential oils if used directly can cause rash and redness on your skin, always dilute their concentration with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil before using.

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