5 reasons why arranged marriages stil works better in India

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Marriage is sacred, it is a holy knot between two people who want to live together for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, though things didn’t work out and people part their ways. We live in a progressive times, where people like to know each other first, date and then probably come down to marriage. Love marriage is believed by many to be ideal yet in India a lot of marriages are still arranged. This may look odd to people of other countries but arrange marriages work. Given the fact that most of the people of our parents time were arranged married, probably our parents too, arrange marriages have their benefits and sweet moments. Here are 5 reasons why arrange marriage work in India:

1. In arrange marriage, the expectation are always almost zero. Since you’re being married to someone you barely even know, you adjust accordingly to their habits and vice-versa. Usually you end up liking the person as they are and built upon it.

2. Arrange marriage these days also provide a lot of great choices, thanks to all the online marriage platforms. Since your marriage scope is increased muti-folds in an online matchmaking platform, there’s a good chance you’ll like someone.

3. In India, usually a marriage also involves a deep synergy between the families of husband and wife. In an arranged marriage, if you feel you’re aren’t compatible with your second half’s family, you can always say no and move forward. But in scenarios regarding love marriage, you’ll have to accept your partner’s family.

4. Arranged marriage are no longer rigid like they used to be earlier, when bride and groom would usually see each other first time in the their marriage. Nowadays, both families, and bride and groom meet several times, before finalizing a decision. This gives both of the parties enough time to think about the compatibility with each other.

5. Lastly, your parents know you, they have raised you and know what you’ll like or will not like. Marriage is life long promises and people who found their soulmate are quite lucky. Parents usually know what’s best for us, even though we sometimes ourselves are in an oblivion.

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