5 risks you can suffer from by consuming too much sugar

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Sugar is an important part of our lives, which is quintessential during festive seasons. Especially in India where there lies a rich plethora of sweets for every occasion but consuming too much sugar can sour your health. Moreover, many processed food are pack full of sugar such as soft drinks, energy drinks etc which we never acknowledge. Sugar already exits naturally in fruits and other food products and throughout the day, the total amount of sugar required exceeds the recommend dose for most of us. Here are 5 health problems you can suffer from if you consume too much sugar:

  1. You can get addicted to sugar the same as a drug addiction. If you get addicted to sugar, you’ll have sugar cravings throughout the day and if you don’t consume sugar you’ll have withdrawal symptoms the same as from a drug withdrawal.
  2. Excess of sugar consumption can lead to obesity, which in turn is the root cause of multiple other diseases.
  3. Too much sugar also can lead to chromium deficiency. Chromium is a micro nutrient which is required by the body for proper function of insulin. consuming too much sugar leads to the excess excretion of chromium from the urine which leads to its deficiency.
  4. Excess of sugar can also cause you to age faster, as sugar reduces the strength of collagen from the skin which leads to formation of wrinkles.
  5. Too much sugar can also cause fatty liver, which in the long run poses liver problems and even liver failure.

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