5 signs your mom is still your bff

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There’s a famous quote which essentially means, since God can’t be present everywhere he made mother and that’s true. Our moms do everything they can to help us build a better future. They teach us skills and most importantly carve us to become compassionate and humble human beings. But with time, some of us lose the understanding we have with our moms, like the understanding we have in our childhood. But if you’re lucky enough chances are your mom is still your best friend. Someone who you trust completely and can confide all your emotions and secrets. Here are 5 signs your mom is still your best friend forever:

1. Fashion trends change, but if you still shop with your mom chances are you both have great understanding with each other and. It also shows your mom is open minded and comfortable enough not to restrict you with clothing stereotypes.

2. Whenever you’re in a bad mood or a good mood, your mom is the first person you call because you know she will listen you without judgment and will always be with you.

3. Moreover, sometimes when in a bad mood, you aren’t able to express it out but your mom knows magically that something is off. She knows you’re hurting and hiding something and instinctively helps you come out of your shell and let your emotions out.

4. A true sign that not only your mom is your good friend but moreover a truly true friend, is when she tells you when you’re wrong, when your attitude is wrong and when you’re becoming a brat.

5. If you share all your secrets with your mom, she definitely is your bff. Regardless of the age gap between you two and the differences in views, of you entrust your mom to harbor all your secrets safe, she’s definitely your best friend, a rare treasure you must cherish.

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