5 signs you’re bored of your relationship

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If you’re lucky enough to find the one and have a relationship with them, you know how beautiful a relationship can be. Everything is beautiful, you love spending time with each other, you go to new places and everything is in harmony. Yet, somewhere along this journey something changes. The honeymoon phase is over and you start to feel bored, you still love your partner but you need something new to add spark to your relationship. This bored feeling can bring lots of trouble, strain and tension that may even cause deep problems in your relationships. One needs to be vigilant towards this and need to have an open, honest discussion with our partner. Here are 5 signs you’re feeling bored in your relationship:

1. Avoid spending time

 You run away from spending time with your partner, because you know you’ll feel bored. Instead you try to do other things and halt direct confrontation from them. You’ll spend unusually more time with your friends, family, just to stay away from being alone with your partner.

2. No compliments

You have stopped paying attention to your partner, you don’t compliment them anymore. Be it their new dress, shoes, or haircut, you don’t feel like to compliment them, or praise them like you used to.

3. Don’t feel like flirting

You don’t flirt with them anymore, flirting in a relationship is a sign of playful love. When you’re bored in a relationship, you’ll feel the flirting is a tedious task and won’t do it anymore.

4. Communication gap

 Even if you both are in the same room, you don’t really talk anymore. Besides the normal conversation, you’ve have forgotten to converse deeply. You both are locked in your mobile devices, obvious to each other’s presence.

5. Unwanted arguments

When you’re bored in a relationship, chances are you’ll start some drama or argument for no reason, just to feel new or different. You’ll fight over small, insignificant things which will only push your relationship to ruin.


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