5 simple Vastu tips to improve positive energy in homes

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Our home are our havens, we build them with so much love and care but sometimes along the way we add too much, and everything starts to feel cluttered. Cluttered space not only dips the ambiance but also cause mental stress and rise in the negative energy. The overall energy feeling in our home should be positive and, Vastu which is an Indian architectural science that has been in practice since the ancient times. By organizing furniture and colors of our house according to Vastu, we can surely and easily uplift the overall ambiance of our homes. Here are 5 simple Vastu tips to improve and elevate positive energy in our homes:

1. Sunlight is one the best positive energy out there, that’s why you should open doors and windows every morning to let it in. If you have less windows, or your interior is a bit gloomy and faraway from windows, you can hang crystals to help reflect sunlight all around inside your home.

2. Make sure your entrance is always clean and beautiful, you can place flowers and place a diya at your entrance to make it more serene. Your home’s entrance is also a door for positive energy, so always keep it clean and de-cluttered.

3. Hanging wind chimes and bells on windows also enhances the surrounding environment, they provide a soothing ambiance and attract positive energy.

4. Aquariums are also a great source of positive energy, the flowing water and the fish not only look beautiful but also are harbinger of positivity and prosperity.

5. Always keep your house de-cluttered, with time useless things tend to pile up in our homes that we usually ignore. But these things can attract a lot of negative energy and should be given away.

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