5 skin care regime from Deepika Padukone’s routine

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Deepika Padukone is one the most beautiful and versatile actress Bollywood has been bejeweled with. Her depth in acting makes audience spellbound, captivated and enthralled. Deepika is also heavenly beautiful, her twinkly eyes and flawless skin always turn heads. She herself follows a strict routine to make sure she is always fresh and glowing, a little work everyday goes a lot in a long run. Here are 5 skin care regime from Deepika Padukone’s routine:

1. Deepika knows the importance of water and always makes sure to drink at least 2-4 liters of water everyday, drinking ample of water naturally keeps our skin moisturized and also reduces damage from the sun. It also reminds supple and soft and the signs of aging are reduced.

2. Deepika also makes sure to sleep at least 6-8 hours everyday, which is essential for the body to make repairs and restore our health. Sleeping also clears stress and freshens up our whole body.

3. Deepika never goes to sleep with her makeup on, sleeping with makeup on your face can lead to several skin problems and clogged pores. Deepika follows the cleansing – toning – moisturizing steps before going to sleep.

4. Exfoliation is important for our face and our body, Deepika prefers to use loofah with a gentle body wash to gently scrub her body. Loofah are far better than granulated soaps which can be too harsh and cab dry out the skin too much.

5. For her hair, she takes regular hair massages. Hair massages keep the blood flowing and improves the scalp’s health. Using oils with massages further improves the benefits of massage.

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