5 stereotypes statements people hear from UP

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India is a diverse country like no other which has a vivid diversity in culture to cuisine. Every state has its own beauty and treasures of cultural diversity, which makes them unique and at the same time sew us together in a thread of unity. But sometimes we tend to stereotype people of a particular state and or culture, which hinders a proper understanding and connection. People who hail from Uttar Pradesh are stereotyped quite a lot of time which is wrong, it not only is hurtful to them but also prevents formation of potential friendships and deep bonds among each other. Here are 5 stereotypes statements people who hail from Uttar Pradesh have to listen occasionally:

1. Do UP people always carry a gun with them?

The most stereotypical statement about UP comes that people who are from UP are quite aggressive in nature and might also carry a gun. These stereotypes are also built by themes portrayed in tv shows like Mirzapur about UP.

2. Another stereotype is that people from UP loves to eat paan-gutka.

Paan and gutka is consumed widely in all over India and not just in UP, moreover delicacies such as Barfi, gajar ka halwa, boondi, gulab jamun, peda, rabadi, malpua and sheer korma also originated in UP but no one seems to know this.

3. Another stereotype is that people from UP don’t have good fluency in the English language.

And if someone from UP has good command in English, they are seen in awe by others. UP is one the state that produces a great number of people who secure IAS jobs, indicating clearly that their English is quite perfect.

4. Another assumption made about people from UP is that they are quite unhygienic.

Again these statements arise from ignorance, which need to be fixed. India is a developing nation, a while back whole country was suffering from sanitation issues but things are improving and stereotyping people from a particular isn’t helpful at all.

5. It is also a common stereotype that people from UP especially girls are married quite young.

Again, no one can get married below the legal age limit and while arranged marriages might be more popular in UP, quite a lot of  have to still search for their one true love.

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