5 superfood to boost your immunity this winter

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Winters typically wreaks havoc in our immunity level, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Runny nose, sore throat are often is a common sight in the chilly weather. Here are 5 superfood to help boost your immunity:

Ginger is often used in tea during winters, it also creates a thermogenic effect making you feel warm and builds your immunity.

Spinach is loaded with vitamin A and C, both of them are quintessential for boosting your immunity. It’s also pack full of antioxidants too.

Turmeric not only boosts your immunity during winters, but also gives your skin a beautiful glow. It also has compounds which improve immunity.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which makes the body more alkaline and increase the antibody production.

Sweet potatoes are full of fibres and Beta-carotene. The fibres improve your digestion while the Beta-carotene immunity.

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