5 surprising benefits of yogurt for skin

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We all have eaten yogurt, this delicious and healthy food is not only great for your gut but also for your face too. Curd, yogurt and our Indian favorite ‘raita’, all have lots of healthy, beneficial bacteria that improves our digestion. Yogurt is also rich in calcium which is needed for our bones. But yogurt also acts as a great face mask, it is a great natural moisturizer, rich in lipids to revitalize the skin and have a slight acidic Ph. Here are 5 benefits of using yogurt for your skin.

1. Improves skin tone

The acidic ph in yogurt comes from lactic acid, after lactic acid fermenting bacteria act on milk to form yogurt. This lactic acid improves skin tone and helps lighten the skin naturally. It also helps with sun tanned skin.

2. Exfoliates skin

Lactic acid also acts as a great skin exfoliator, it gently removes the dead skin cells away and open pores up. Moreover, lactic acid doesn’t cause abrasion to the skin like physical exfoliators while removing dead skin cells.

3. Treats acbe

Yogurt also has a good amount of zinc, which suppress acne and treats them well. Zinc also improves skins ability to ward of dermal bacterial infections. Zinc also improves and lightens under eye dark circles.

4. Acts as a moisturizer

Yogurt also is a great skin moisturizer, it hydrates the skin deeply and nourishes it as well. It is loaded with B vitamins and zinc that tone up the skin.

5. Anti-aging treatment

 Yogurt also delays signs of aging, the lactic acid in it also treats fungal infections as well.

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