5 things every oversized girl needs to hear

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As humans we are one the most diverse organism on earth, from our body features to culture, every place has a new distinction. We all come in different color and size, and yet somehow it feels like some people still feel it’s okay to comment on someone if they are oversized. While you should aim towards a healthy weight, being bullied and pressurized for it is completely unacceptable. Moreover, maybe you like your curves, but your friends and families are constantly hovering over you with their unsolicited advice. The constant nagging you get guised as ‘advice’ can really overwhelm sometimes, but you need to take a deep breath and remember once you accept yourself nothing else matters. Here are 5 things every plus sized girl need to know:

  1. There are people out there who actually think you’re beautiful, so if someone comments you’re beautiful accept it. Not everyone is trying to hurt you and you need to remember that beauty is just a matter of perspective.
  2. Exercising should be done when you feel like it, so that you feel energetic both mentally and physically. If you don’t feel to exercise daily don’t, you don’t need to prove anything to anyone.
  3. It’s okay to fall in love with yourself, true self confidence comes when you start to love yourself unconditionally.
  4. But it’s also ok to go through days where you feel low, where you don’t feel comfortable about your body and it’s okay. Cry it out and put your best foot forward and move on.
  5. You can wear whatever you want, choose clothes that you want to wear, clothes that make you happy.

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