5 things men are afraid to speak about

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Men have to sustain through a terrible lot, from one end they have to always be strong and brave and on the other end they find it hard to express their emotions. From childhood itself, most of them are been realized that they will have to become the breadwinner for their families’ in the future. Men are expected to behave strong and dependable who don’t break down ever. But men have hopes and fears too, and bottling them inside can be harmful for anyone. Men also have to go through body shaming, extreme stress and anxiety, and several other pressures our society imposes and the worst part is they can’t share it to anyone, and even if they want to sometimes they are misheard. Here are 5 things 90% of men are afraid to talk about:

  1. Men are bodyshamed too, while body positivity is promoted for women on the other hand men have to suffer through body shaming. They usually can’t talk with anyone about this issue, and end up bottling their feelings inside.
  2. Men are also under constant stress to earn for their families, they also have to think how will their actions affect their families. As most of the time when you’re the sole breadwinner of the family, men end up killing their dreams.
  3. Being less in height is probably the worst nightmare of any man, especially if their height is less than normal expected height of the culture.
  4. Male pattern baldness is a creeping fear that sets in usually during late 20s in men, but sometimes unfortunately can also start in early twenties. Loss of hair this young, causes some men to develop self esteem issues.
  5. Men are taught from childhood to suppress their emotions deep inside, as men are expected not to get hurt from anything. This gets deeply ingrained in their minds and as they grow up, they find extremely hard to share their emotions during adulthood which leads to emotional issues eventually.

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