5 weight loss myths and truths behind them

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Managing weight can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t monitor what you eat. A lot of people will tell you different things on how to manage weight, some will tell you to sweat more or do more cardio, the market is filled with a lot of myths which cause a lot of distraction. Whatever regimen you choose stick to it, as it will take time to cause an effect, only change it if it isn’t working out. You can also choose to take advice from trainers and professionals, beside leaning on just myths. Here are 5 weight loss myths and truths behind them:

 1.People sometimes think that sweating more means losing more weight, but on a hot, sweaty day you don’t lose weight. Weight loss is all about burning more calories, you have weight loss when you burn more calories than you eat.

2. Another myth is that it’s a must to have some pain while doing an exercise. While your muscles get sore initially when you do a new exercise, having sharp pain can actually mean you’re doing the exercise wrong or something else, and should stop immediately.

3. Another myth is that all calories are equal, this isn’t true. When your body digests carbs, fats, proteins, the calories are all different and have different effect on our body. Maintain a healthy diet for optimal results.

4. Only cardio helps lose weight, this is not ture in a sense that cardio help you lose weight but only while you’re doing it. On the other hand, weight lifting and strength training help with your overall weight loss and works full time.

5. Skip breakfast to quickly lose weight is a very big myth. Your body is fasting throughout the night, hence breakfast is a very important meal. When you skip breakfast, you body compensates by overeating. You are also likely to eat unhealthy snacks to curb your hunger pangs.

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