7 less known facts about Salman

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One of the best and most loved actor of Bollywood Sher Khan aka Salman Khan tunrs 55 today. Salman Khan has always been in limelight for his great roles and charities. There are numerous reasons why he is one of the most loved celebrity and makes him the box office king, from a good physique to good heart, he has it all. To let you know more about him, we bring you some interesting facts about Salman Khan you might have never known.

  1. Salman Khan attended Elphinstone College and dropped out after the second year.
  2. He never watches Katrina’s movies.

3.Salman Khan always wanted to be a writer. He has also written scripts of his certain blockbusters such as Chandramukhi and Veer.

4.We can always see a turquoise stone bracelet on his wrist which he never removes and finds it as a good luck.

5.One of the amazing facts about Sallu is he never uses a cotton handkerchief and always prefers a soft “malmal” handkerchief.

6.Apart from acting, Salman Khan is also famous for his songs like Chandni Ki Daal Par Sone Ka Mor- Hello Brother, Jumme Ki Raat- Kicm, Hangover- Kick, Tu Hi Tu Tu Har Jagah- Kick and Mai Hoon Hero Tera.

  1. Salman Kham has been an inspiration to many other successful actors like Hritik Roshan and Arjun Kapoor to get them into perfect shape.

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