A visit to family land gave us Sula Viney

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We all dream of spending a weekend in a vineyard and that dream of Indians has become reality only because of Sula Vineyards. Located at a prime location, surrounded by lush green scenic panoramic views of the mountain.

Sula Vineyards is a winery and vineyard located in Nashik, Maharashtra which is about 180 km northeast of Mumbai. It was founded by Rajeev Samant in 1999. Sula has thrived to be India’s largest and most awarded wine brand.

Founder’s story: 

In 1996, Rajeev Samant had an epiphany when he discovered that Nashik in Maharashtra is an ideal climate for growing wine grapes. He founded Sula Vineyards, Nashik’s first winery in 1999.  This historic move transformed Nashik into India’s Wine Capital.  That’s how Sula Vineyards came into existence and is currently recognized as India’s most important wine producer across the globe.

The state’s economy has profited enormously as it generated employment in western Maharashtra, credits go to Rajeev Samant.

Rajeev Samant was introduced to wines during his early years studying at Stanford University and working at Oracle in California. Being a techie by profession, he had no intention of embarking on this venture.

Everything changed when he got a chance visit to his family’s land in Nashik – a region well-known for growing table grapes. In 1994, he decided to pursue the idea of growing wine grapes in Nashik. To master his skills, Rajeev spent three months at a small winery in California that belonged to his friend and mentor.

Rajeev established Sula Vineyards, with almost 35 other wineries in the line. The name “Sula” came from his mother’s name – “Sulabha”. This was a wine that took pride in being Indian, being the first company in the country to use an Indian logo. Winemaking is a complicated process. Additionally, retaining its taste, texture and flavour since 1999 is a more challenging task.

Sula Vineyards is one of the biggest wine brands in the market that sells one million cases a year and has a turnover of almost Rs 500 crore.

Under his guidance, Sula becomes one the most eco-friendly companies in India, with a considerable amount of its resources committed to sustainable winemaking practices and ensuring fair livelihoods for Sula’s community of farmers across Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Rajeev also represents the interests of India’s wine producers and farmers to national and state Governments.

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