Aanchal Saini is Flying High with Flyrobe (Unique Premium Fashion Rentals) & making luxury affordable, PAN India.

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In conversation with the fun and dynamic Aanchal Saini, CEO of Flyrobe and Founder of Rent it Bae.

Flyrobe believes that love for fashion defines who we are and what we do. They simply love to dress us up and their unique online premium rental service brings latest fashion to our doorstep.

Flyrobe trusts that every woman has the right to look good – at all times. You may not be a celebrity, but you sure can dress like one! Flyrobe takes great joy in helping you re-invent your closet.

Q1. How did Flyrobe come into existence?

I am a lawyer by profession and was a founding member of Delhi International Arbitration Centre. Even though it has been a rather thrilling journey, I did not see myself turning 80 years old buried with files all around me. Ha! I was contemplating to have my own law firm but wanted to build a scalable asset with value. Our aim was to bring about a change in the fashion industry. Every woman has a wardrobe full of clothes but still has nothing to wear. The reason is that she needs a new dress every time she steps out. So I knew that the idea of renting outfits would definitely sell. Hence, I began a tech-enabled fashion rental company called Rent it Bae, which later went on to acquire Flyrobe.

Q2. How has the journey been for Flyrobe?

The journey has been stimulating. We started the company by renting western clothing and fashion accessories like sunglasses, jewellery etc. and later went on to renting ethnic wear for both men and women. We now have a 1 million plus customer base. Post spending millions of dollars on branding and marketing the brand now is able to pull an organic growth. The scale we operate at is high, we have 400+ orders in a day.  Spending 7 years in the fashion rental space, we have mastered the rental operations, demand supply chain model, inventory management.

Q3. What is the business model of Flyrobe?

We have omni-channel operations: Online & Offline/Stores. For women, we custom fit the outfits as per their measurements and for men we have standard sizes that they can choose from.

Wrt inventory, the company has owned inventory and a marketplace model where designers and even the consumers can rent their expensive designer outfits via Flyrobe.  Flyrobe’s C2C model has seen immense traction and the pandemic boosted the model further: as consumers can make money of their closet from their heavy expensive once worn outfits which they are never going to wear again.

Q4. What are the benefits of renting an attire?

We all have innumerable outfits requiring so much space and maintenance. We don’t want to repeat our outfits, thanks to pictures on social media. We bring to you an outlet from where you can simply rent and wear a new outfit every for every function without the paincof buying and then the hassle of maintaining and storing it. We have all the popular brands under our umbrella, including high street and luxury labels. How cool is that!

Q5. Is India ready for High End rental fashion?

I strongly believe India is completely ready for this game changer as awareness is spreading amongst people. Little or nothing has been done in the space of sustainable fashion and there is an urgent need to move towards it. The concept of “re-use” is a bit alienated in India, as the fashion changes fast. Flyrobe has brought transition in the space through rentals.

Q6. How do you see recovery post pandemic?

Covid has been hard for a variety of businesses but the key was to survive. People have begun to think about the environment-making  mindful consumption while obviously saving money.

The customer`s mindset is changing and we call this to be a “millennial approach”. The quality of product we offer is great and our services are quite luxurious. We offer proper hygiene and ensure sanitization of our products. One single garment goes through multiple quality check rounds. The future is certainly bright.

Q7.  What`s the next step for Flyrobe?

We are spread across 30 cities and are now moving into a franchise model now to create physical presence PAN India and be available offline too for our users in these states.

Q8. What keeps you busy other than Flyrobe?

Consulting many startups/entrepreneurs. On the social side, I love to host people and unwinding with family & friends. A big fan of games,  movies & music.

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