Abhinav Bhaskar – Hardwork and commitment can take you ahead!

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Abhinav Bhaskar started his career in real estate which was a family-owned business and soon he found his real passion. He founded his own company with a friend Vikram Bir Singh by the name Commonweal Infrastructure in the year 2010. He successfully developed residential properties in Delhi NCR and from here he diversified into the Pharmaceutical line under the brand name ZedMed that currently has pharmacies in Gurgaon.

Established in the Year 2020 by Abhinav Bhaskar and Vikram Bir Singh, Ananta Hemp Works is a hemp-based wellness and nutrition-focused venture where they strive towards becoming the industry leader in providing a variety of products with the goodness of hemp to its customers. Ananta Hemp Works is poised to revolutionize this nascent industry with its structured approach, holistic vision, and able leadership. Ananta is a Hemp based company that has currently developed 3 different lines of products being the Nutritional Range, Lifestyle & Ayurvedic Medicines with a total of 20 products across all three lines.

Ananta is focused on providing a healthy, natural, and sustainable option of nutrition, wellness, and personal care to our customers. We are committed to bringing the golden benefits of Hemp to the world starting from their own land, India. Inspired by the principles of Ayurveda, our philosophy is to bring back the benefits of ancient plant-based remedies into the mainstream.

The Beginning of the Transformation

His journey into hemp was completely by accident. Abhinav Bhaskar was a patient of Autoimmune Disorder and after his research, he found out an alternative medicine which came upon a Medical Cannabis or Vijaya Leaf Extract. It is a very effective option for fighting not just pain and inflammation but also a host of problems that develop due to prolonged use of heavy medication. From here we can say that it was the birth of his idea for bringing in more people to benefit from this.

Ananta is a sustainable brand in terms of the practice and ethics it follows. The core ingredient is HEMP which is an incredible plant as well as extremely sustainable. It requires almost 60% less water for commercial/industrial production in comparison to other plants or trees and gives out 2-3 times more fiber per acreage.

The potential that comes as a promise with this plant is what is helping us take it forward. The industry is nascent and less exposed but within 5 years, HEMP fiber and other components can be expected to be used across various industries such as textile, paper, real estate with the use of hempcrete in place of cement blocks and others.

The Journey to Success

Hard work, consistency, and dedication can take you to great heights The operations begin with a very slim team with just 4f challenges for setting up this Business. His journey has been full of twists and turns because this was not just an entirely new industry but also it was shrouded by many regulations by authorities because of the nature of the Cannabis plant.

Another problem was the lack of awareness and the lack of availability of knowledge for this particular industry. This was a huge challenge to deal with and also the taboos around this are deeper rooted than one can imagine the taboos around this are deeper rooted than one can imagine. Still, he did not lose hope and he decided to build this business from scratch and he decided to rely on hands-on experience.

As a business owner, he was very conscious about always operating within regulations and helping people understand the real benefits of this miraculous plant. So first they had to educate themselves, be sure of the best possible practices before they could launch the products. This takes real conviction in our beliefs behind the business.

Upcoming Ventures- Clinics with Ayurvedic Doctors

The First  “Ananta Vijaya Wellness Clinic” has recently been opened in Delhi’s Vikaspuri. Soon they are planning to open the Second Clinic in Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, and they are working on many more to open soon to help the maximum number of people by making available this medicine and nutritional products as much as possible and as many locations as possible for a first-hand experience under the proper supervision of a certified doctor.

Along with they also have their own website which is listed with several marketplaces. To name a few, Amazon, Happy Soul by Pooja Bedi, Qtrove, Hempistani, Itshemp, etc. We plan to be available at more and more Departmental stores and pharmacies for easy accessibility to our customers. are further planning to place ourselves on even more shelving facilities to make it easier for products to reach consumers easily.


e-commerce: https://hempworks.in/

corporate: https://anantahempworks.in/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/Anantahempworks/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ananta-hemp-works/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dohemp

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