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AllAuthor is an all-in-one platform where book promotions happen at an extensive scale. This platform is for a myriad of budding writers, authors, and talent known and unknown. The company assists the authors from creating book marketing materials, images, GIFs, and videos to schedule posts on social media; AllAuthor tries to help cut down the book marketing time by over 40% and increase sales.

So they provide a platform to market your book and directly assist you in reaching potential readers. All Author is a platform for the people who are looking for big success in their life. You may never know, but you can also become the next J.K. Rowling.


AllAuthor was started as a self-help platform in the year 2016. Earlier authors could use the platform as a personal website and showcase the work. Then AllAuthor expanded the business to become a book promotional platform. ‘Pro-Membership Program was created and costs $59 for six months. With this magic plan, you get self-help tools and various exuberant features for book and author marketing. 


Like any other company, they also experienced humble beginnings. The company embraces majority of business from the US and UK while the working staff belongs to India so setting the connectivity and understandability became a struggle. This was modified with the help of an idea that made them connect with potential clients from the US and UK on Facebook.

The marketing strategy they used helped to tighten the facebook loop. First, they approached the potential customers themselves by various DMS and messages on Facebook and then applied various strategies that helped them rectify the business’s shortcomings.

Another challenge they faced was customer retention. Retaining a potential customer becomes very tough. They wanted their subscribers to become regular customers, and for that, they started giving the additional benefits in the plans.


Initially, the company consisted of 4 members in which Naveen Joshi handled the website development while his brother handled the client relationships and marketing. One person was there for website designing, and one was for social media.

Now the company consists of various interns, freelancers, and more full-time employees and hence has a team of more than ten people.

Initially, a sum of $20,000 was invested in the company to build the infrastructure, and for two years, there was no external funding. Now the company has reached a revenue mark of $200K. The author retention rate is about 80% to 85%.

The biggest milestone

The company has grown tremendously from organic marketing over social media. The emails and referrals were the key achievers. Today the company supports a huge family of over 13,800 authors and 335,000 readers. The tremendous growth figures reflect the expertise that the team holds in assisting each and every customer. The company believes in giving maximum benefits to the customers at a very low price. The people believe in the strong work notions that the company holds. The company believes in quality and hence offers the same to the customers and clients.

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