Amazing benefits of honey for skin and face you never knew

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Honey is one of the pioneer organic product that has been used since ages for its amazing benefits. From weight loss to a glowing skin, honey can be beneficial in several ways. Honey is a natural product that is produced by bees colĺecting flower nectar and prodcing enzymes to create honey. These enzymes present in honey imparts anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties making it an ideal beauty product for al skin problems. Many people doubt honey only as an edible item. But using honey for your skin can make it healthy and glowing.

Here are 4 amazing benefits of using honey on skin that your never knew

1. Aids acne

Honey contains anti-bacterial properties that inhibits the growth of acne causing bacteria S.aureus and S. aureus. The enzymes present in it also helps in  preventing other skin infections.

2. Honey heals wound and have therapeutic effects

Honey contains several enzymes, minerals, amino acids and vitamins that makes it  ideal for therapeutic uses. It helps in soothing skin, and is also considered as a great remedy for healing burns and wounds.

3. Honey is an excellent moisturizer

Honey is considered to be one the natural emollient and humectant that perfectly binds moisture to your skin. It is therefore widely used iñ moisturizing creams and lotions. Directly using honey with aloe vera gel can make your skin soft and healthy.

4. It helps in maintaining pH

Honey helps to maintain the ph of your skin and also helps to inhibit any kind of infection. Honey has a low pH that also prevents the growth of organisms on your skin. Applying raw honey on wounds can make them heal faster.

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