Another historic Win For Shams

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Shams Alam, 34-year-old fastest paraplegic swimmer two time Limca book records, 50 plus gold medals, and many international acclamations is an inspiration for many.

Shams born on 17th July 1986 in Rathos Village of Madhubani District, Bihar.

During the recent event of the national championship which was held on March 20-22 in Bangalore. He bagged two gold and one silver medal during the championship.

“This recent win has been very important to boost my confidence since last year we didn’t have any competitions to participate in and they got postponed due to Covid-19. It feels like I am back on track again and this come back is stronger than before. Also, here in Gurugram and even in north India swimming pools are still closed. I travelled about 30 km every day and it was a task in itself for a person who uses a wheelchair. During this journey, I got injured once but I knew if I keep on practising I will get fruitful results. This result is the hard work I have put into my practice. I am thankful to FITZO Sports, they have a temperature control pool and allowed me to practice there. I am also thankful to Gurugram Municipal Corporation for providing me with wheelchair-accessible buses which covered the major part of my daily commute. The bus conductors and drivers were extremely helpful. This helps me understand and appreciate the people. I think Gurugram Bus Transportation services are good for people with disability. By travelling through buses helped me in saving my money.” Shams Alam told us during a brief conversation with us.

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