Archana Puran Singh agrees to quit the Kapil Sharma show if Navjot Singh Sidhu re-enters

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Laughter is the best medicine, and comedy shows give a good dose of laughter to everyone. The Kapil Sharma Show is one the most viewed and loved comedy show. The quirky characters, entertainment and the amazing judges make the show a fan favorite. Currently, the seat of judge belongs to Archana Puran Singh which previously belonged to Navjot Singh Sidhu, which he left after he got appointed as the chief of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee. Archana has been judging the show for quite a while, but the recent stir caused by the resignation of Navjot Singh Sidhu from the post of the chief of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committe has arisen many speculations. A lot of viewers are speculating whether Navjot Singh Sidhu will return to the seat of judge in The Kapil Sharma Show. A lot of memes and jokes have mushroomed up in social medias, even Archana herself shared a her own memes on the situation. Archana in an interview given to TOI, told that she doesn’t take this situation seriously at all, even if Navjot reruns to the show, she’ll have many things to do which she denied before. She has received several assignment in the past but couldn’t do them because of the timing issues. She got offers of several assignment in London but had to deny them because of her commitment to the show. She also said that she enjoys and laughs at the memes shared online and that they also help keep the show running. She also said that it’s not easy be in the seat of judge, sitting for 6-7 hours in a seat in the same position is not an easy. Archana also shared a funny incident where she got a lot of bouquets, flowers and congratulatory messages when Navjot Singh Sidhu because the chief of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee.

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