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All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) recently made significant changes in the eligibility criteria for undergraduate engineering programmes, making physics, chemistry and maths optional for aspirants. Students now have the liberty to pursue technical courses such as biotechnology, textile or agriculture engineering at the undergraduate level without having core science subjects in school education.

Perhaps, PCM remains mandatory for most engineering subjects like computer science and listed only 14 subjects.

AICTE chairman Anil Sahasrabudhe said, “What AICTE has adopted is a flexible approach wherein if a student has not done all these courses in the board exam but completed one or two of them online or MOOC, they can take an entrance exam and join engineering.”

He said the new AICTE regulation is flexible, empowering and a liberal approach and does not negate the importance of PCM in engineering. “It’s the foundation on which the entire edifice of engineering is built,” Sahasrabudhe said.

Earlier maths, physics and chemistry in higher education in school levels were compulsory subjects as well as the qualifying in the entrance exam. The eligibility criteria this year, however, will be at least 45 per cent in any three subjects out of the list of 14 provided by AICTE.

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