Arrest Swara Bhaskar trends on Twitter. Check details why

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Swara Bhaskar is one those Bollywood celebs that are quite vocal about her views, she says what’s in her mind which sometimes brings her praise while sometimes dislikes. Through her tweets, she portrays her views which always become a hot topic but sometimes can also become problematic. The same has happened from her recent tweet where she has talked about what is happening in Afghanistan, she wrote that ‘humanitarian and ethical values should not be based on the identity of the oppressor or oppressed. In her tweet she wrote, “We can’t be okay with Hindutva terror & be all shocked & devastated at Taliban terror.. & We can’t be chill with #Taliban terror; and then be all indignant about #Hindutva terror! Our humanitarian & ethical values should not be based on identity of the oppressor or oppressed.” This has hurt many Twitter users, which has led to the hash tag – #ArrestSwaraBhasker to become trending on Twitter. A lot of celebrities have posted their concerns regarding how Taliban has started to take control over while Afghanistan. Many Bollywood celebs have offered their prayers and condolences to the people of Afghanistan. Rhea Chakraborty, in her Instagram have requested global leaders to take action and stand up for the women being sold in Afghanistan.


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