Beauty secrets and fitness tips of Katrina Kaif revealed

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Katrina Kaif is undoubtedly one the most beautiful actress in Bollywood, she’s a British-Indian diva who always spellbound the audience with her youthful look. She actually looks gorgeous even without makeup, which she achieves by following a very strict diet and a simple beauty protocol. Her diet plan includes drinking around 4 glasses of water first thing in the morning, her diet is rich in food supplements that are derived from Acai berry and wheat grass powder that provide glow to the skin. Katrina also completely avoids carbohydrates and eats fresh boiled vegetables after every two hours. Her diet is rich in fibers and in breakfast she consumes oatmeal. In dinner she prefers to eat brown bread with peanut butter, chapati, fish, soup and grilled vegetables.

Her skincare routine is also very simple, she always cleanses her face before going to bed and uses La Prairie night cream too. Katrina also is a very active person and performs yoga regularly which has helped her achieve the toned body. Katrina also includes swimming, jogging, iso-planks in her exercise routine.

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