Benefits of pizza? Sounds weird but it does has some. Check now

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Pizza has to be one the most liked food on earth, it’s versatile that is can be made completely vegetarian or non-vegetarian, is delicious and most of all easy and quick to make. Americans consume pizza almost every night and in India too, this Italian dish has started to deepen its roots in our culture. The modern birthplace of pizza is southwestern Italy’s Campania region, home to the city of Naples, but now every country has their own twist on it. And surprisingly pizza can be healthy too. Here are 5 surprising benefits of pizza:

1. Pizza is baked in an oven which is actually very happy than eating a deep fried food. Most of the pizzeria and bakeries bake their pizzas and moreover the base of the pizza is made using wheat flour and olive oil.

2. Pizza also has a lot of vegetables compared to other fast foods. From simple sun dried tomatoes to capers, cheese , capsicum, mushrooms, pizza can be topped with almost anything. Pineapple topping is a unique combination that works too.

3. Pizzas actually make you happy, as by consuming food you like your brain is flooded with feel good hormone such as serotonin and dopamine. When you’re feeling low, eat a pizza.

4. The ingredients that are required to make a pizza are actually very easy to find, not to mention inexpensive too. And if you’re short on exotic vegetables you can simply top your pizza with onions and tomatoes too.

5. Lastly pizza can be made at home very easily, the pizza base are available now in almost every shop which can be used to prepare your own signature pizzas. Maybe you will invent a combination of toppings too.

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