Benefits of travelling to the mountains in improving your mental health: need of the hour

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I had been thinking about writing this blog for a very long time. Some emotions are just not expressed but they are felt. Travelling is the sensation I want to portray in words now.

Visualise a splashing stream or roaring upsurges, birdies squeaking, small droplets on the soil, branches of the meadows oscillating in the blustery weather. The warmth of the sunrays on the faces and the cordiality of the spectacular views build the foundation of a healthy body and soul.

The sceneries, the aroma and the chirping of the voices coming from the natural habitat make you composed, serene and supremely fit.

To chat about mental health is just not a taboo, but also the most prohibited part of our peer debate. Why not? Do you even consider it unusual? You have adopted the idea of feeling low and upset to the extent where you do not even realise that something is has to be noticed and taken care of.

But nature has answers to all our questions. You mull over externalizing the solutions but nature leaves no stones unfolded to serve its best remedies.

Health promotion intervention also revolves around the use of natural environments to improvise the mental well-being of an individual and to foster strength amongst them.

Travelling through the meadows has always considered being more beneficial than walking in urban areas.

There are so many things that nature extemporizes and makes people more resilient as there are prospects that engross the minds in free-associating activities, repeatedly releases the stress and mostly positively diverges the feelings.

If a person is feeling low on self-confidence and muted, travelling can cultivate better conceptualization, capability and appreciation. Also, it happens to inculcate affirmative emotions, recreation and reduce undesirable strain & anxiety. Wilderness emerges amongst the young generation through the experiences offered by the travelling midst the bushes and mountains.

 Travelling doesn’t only build self-assurance but also foster the healthier and greater reflection of the traveller inside his mind. He starts to see himself in the same light as he sees the moon.

A person learns to thrive mentally, physically and spiritually. 

I can envisage myself standing at the summit, touching the snow cladded clouds, clenching to the ambience, amused and jovial, beaming with a striking smile and delighted to be the timeliest person in this world.

Benefits of travelling?-

  1. Boosts mood- Being in nature reduces the risk of depression exponentially and hence boosts the mood. Rumination levels and subgenual prefrontal cortex neural activity are decreased at an exceptional level, hence the possibility of potential mental illness is declined.
  2. Social interaction- Meeting new people and bonding with them over beliefs of life is an exceptional feeling. Making new friends and forgetting the past experiences open you up to new aspects of life.
  3. Improves decisiveness- You might keep refuting the fallouts of the technology and machinery but they completely impact our thought process and produces angst and anxiety. Travelling once in a while can improvise logical thinking.
  4. Solidarity- Who wouldn’t like to devote some time to themselves and unite with nature?
  5. Feel-good emotion- Strolling through the mountains bring an unambiguous echelon to the trekkers as there is a definite release of Endorphins which heighten happiness.
  6. Meditation- Sit in the lap of nature, close your eyes and listen he re’s sounds and observe what you gain and what you lose.

There would be so many things you read for the enrichment of mental health, but only when you feel inside you, you know.  Quite often to find what we have been looking for, we need to be lost. Lose your anger, depression, resentment and wrath & gain confidence, trust and affirmation.

Guest Author: Dr Ridima Kamal

Dr Ridima Kamal is a dentist and is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Health from Amity Institute of Public Health, Amity University, Noida. Along with her academics, she is working as a content writer for Trekkers Of India. Her contribution to Literature is remarkable as her first poetry book “Mithak aur Yaadein” got published in February 2020. She also worked as a volunteer at Amity International Literature Festival 2020. Her area of interest is Mental Health and is presently working on her research regarding the same. She believes in spreading alertness about mental health issues.

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