Blue bear- A pipe dream turned into reality

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NewsNowNation brings another inspiring  story of an aspiring  entrepreneur, with not so tiny dreams. Blue Bear, is a pipe-dream turned into reality.It is a lifestyle brand that sells handcrafted products like scrunchies, earrings etc. The idea was to create something at an intersection of fun and contemporary.

Our vision is to provide basic high-quality, light on the pocket accessories and products which other fast-fashion brands sell at an exorbitant price. It is exuberant to deliver boxes of happiness and giddy excitement to the beautiful people out there!

The journey wasn’t just about 0 to 1000 followers,it was also about 0 to 1000 scrunchies.I have witnessed that happen in such a short span of time.The key I would say is persistence, hardwork and consistency.

There are no shortcuts,it’s all about how creative you can get when it comes to achieving everything you have always wanted.From figuring out raw material sourcing to logistics, it has been a thrilling experience.My family has been a constant support and a huge help when it comes to fulfilling the orders.Being a creator, social media manager and operations head all at once has been an enriching experience and I am loving the hustle!

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