Bollywood gossip- Mallika Sherawat exposes the dark secrets of the Bollywood industry

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Malika Sherawat has always been known for her bold roles and straight forward statements, from her seductive role and bold onscreen presence in movies like Murder and Khwahish, she is one the most popular actress in Bollywood. Malika’s chemistry with Imran Hashmi was once one of the most talked about thing, but a fight created a rift between the two. Malika revealed certain aspects of her life and also exposed some dirty secrets of Bollywood in Mandira Bedi’s tv show – The Love Laugh Live show. Malika revealed that most of the silly fights she had with her co-stars were due to an ego struggle, she explained that her co-stars wanted Malika to greet them good morning and fawn over them all day. Malika added, “It’s not my personality, I’m a Haryanvi Jat, we don’t fawn over anybody. I’ve had a few skirmishes,”. She also says that the funniest and silliest fight was with Imran Hashmi during the promotion of the Murder, due to a misunderstanding between them. The two of them aren’t in touch with each other now.  Malika feels sorry that she and Imran had a fight, because she feels Imran is very friendly and a wonderful co-star. Malika also revealed some dirty secrets of Bollywood, she told how she refused to shoot for a ‘hot’ song. A producer had come to Malika with an idea to shoot a ‘hot’ song and told her that audience needs to see her hotness. He further told Malika that she’s so hot that he can cook chapatis on her waist. Malika straight away rejected the idea, though she found it funny too. Malika’s bold statements and straight forward nature always make the moments around her quite interesting.

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