Bollywood unites against Rihanna, Akshay Kumar said – avoid such propaganda machine

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After the tweet of international pop star Rihanna, the issue of Farmers Protest in the country has become international. Many international celebrities have also come in support of the farmers after Riana’s tweet. Twitter has been flooded with tweets supporting and opposing farmers. Now many Bollywood celebs have also supported the government by tweeting. People have appealed not to fall into false propaganda. It includes names like Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Ajay Devgan, Karan Johar and Kailash Kher.

In the meantime, after the international responses to the peasant movement, the Foreign Ministry of India has issued a statement. This statement said, “The Parliament of India has made these laws after complete debate and discussion.” These laws are in favour of the farmers. Still,some farmers are protesting. The government is trying to resolve the matter. Some people are instigating the movement. Before commenting on an issue, know the facts and understand the issue properly. When people comment on the sensational hashtags and comments on social media, especially celebrities, it is neither right nor responsible work.

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