Breakout rooms and interactive educational application are the new normal

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Corona infection has completely changed the nature of studies. Classes, which started last year with Zoom and Google Meet, are now moving towards virtual schools. Schools are now resorting to breakout rooms, and interactive education classes or events. Virtual tours are also being organized from time to time to keep them connected to studies.

Schools say that they can connect children to classrooms by doing various experiments. Schools have been closed since March 2020 due to Corona infection. In such a situation, studies have been taking place online since then, but to give children the experience of physical school, schools are now moving towards virtual school. In this era of technology, the purpose of schools in this way is to reduce the loss of children’s education. In the last year, schools and teachers have become very competitive.

Zoom app became the medium of meeting but many new apps have helped a lot in studies.

It is easy to study with an interactive app. Learning is getting easier with apps like Flipgrid, EdPuzzle, LearnFlix, Kahoot.  At the same time, sports sessions are also organized on zoom.

Schools say that the offline study option is not online. But right now, due to the speed of corona infection, online studies are necessary. For this, all kinds of new experiments are being done in teaching. So that children can be connected to studies.

Due to corona infection, the children are not able to get out anywhere. All-around development of children takes place only after going to school. In such a situation, schools are also doing the work to increase their development online. Online classes of yoga and warm-up are being conducted in schools before online classes. Many schools are also taking aerobics classes. So that children do not feel that they are not going to school.

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