Breath AI Launches a Breath Measuring Wearable ‘Breath Band’

Pune, February 04, 2024: Breath AI, a Pune-based deep sci-tech venture, has launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) – driven wearable technological device made to sense, track and map the breath and provide pathways to people for a healthy and happy life. The device has been branded as ‘Breath Band’ or ‘BB’.

This Breath Band is a non-invasive technology solution that will help the users to monitor their health parameters pivoted to body, mind and wellness (BMW) through the most crucial and often ignored element of ‘Breath’. Wearable on the wrist, the device has been designed, prototyped, tested and validated in India with IP and algorithms that are fully home – grown.

Launching the ‘Breath Band’, Mr Sanjay Phadke said, “We have introduced a wearable device by integrating an ancient science of breathing with the modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) – led technology. This smart wrist band creates a bridge between the breath and the mind to track stress, sleep and the complete profile of the user for his total health, fitness and happiness.”

As a wrist wearable, the Breath Band comes with a mobile phone app. The sensors on the wearable and the AI – based algorithms at the back-end provide the breath rate (which is the number of breaths per minute) and which is displayed on the App along with heart – rate variability on a continuous basis. It then shows the statistics and trends of the user’s heart and breath rate, amongst other parameters of physical and mental health. All this data feeds into a recommendation system in the back-end that provides guided interventions like breath-work and video courses to improve sleep, stress and happiness score monitored every day.

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