Chances of getting infected even after vaccination is possible. Bharat Biotech chairman explains

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The second wave of Corona Virus has started to hit hard. All the previous records of daily infection and daily deaths are being broken everyday, while at the same time several states are trying hard to manage oxygen, Remdesivir and vaccine requirements. Amid concerns of reinfection even after getting vaccination, Bharat Biotech ‘s chairman and managing director Krishna Ella clarified that injectable vaccines only provide protection to the lower lung. The upper lung still remains susceptible to infection that’s why it’s vital to firmly follow health guidelines even after someone gets two doses of vaccination.  He further added that this is the issue with all the injectable vaccines but the vaccines will prevent infection from getting severe, the corona virus infection will not become life-threatening. Bharat Biotech aims to produce 30 million doses in May after the announcement that the vaccination drive will be expanded to everyone above the age of 18 from May 1st. In a statement Bharat Biotech also informed that it has ramped up its vaccine production capacity to produce 700 million doses of Covxin per year. The vaccine makers will also have to meet the demands of the states, as from 1 May states will be able to directly buy vaccines from the vaccine makers directly. Assam has already placed an order of 1 crore Covxin doses from Bharat Biotech.

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