Chandni Daga: Woman who has incredible wisdom and knowledge

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Women have excellent power if allowed to showcase their skills and knowledge. In addition, women possess incredible wit and wisdom. One such woman who has incredible wisdom and knowledge is Chandni Daga Bagri. She is the co-founder of Kalon Natural. She is a hard-working lady who chooses to never give up in her life. 

Humble Beginnings

Having a profound knowledge of baking, she started her career as a baker. Later she, along with her husband, started a brand known as Kalon. The beginning was tough but having a splendid experience did not stir the confidence in the couple. 

There were a lot of miseries and obstacles, but this did not jolt the confidence level in Chandni Daga Bagri. Chandani fought all the battles and disappointments with a strong heart and proved herself to be the best.

Working is her passion, and she uses her experience to sell the best and the most versatile products in the market. 

Kalon Natural

The company deals in various product range like hair care products, skincare care products and various other products. The USP of the company is that it deals in natural products that are composed of natural ingredients such as coconut-based cleansers, essential oils, purified water, etc. 

They have a diverse product range that is known to avoid harsh toxins and various other harsh chemicals. Moreover, the company believes in the manufacture of products that are against animal cruelty. Their product range is diverse and secures a large market interest as well. 


Planting a tree from the roots is not a very easy task. Similarly, starting a business from the roots requires a lot of hard work and a lot of struggle. She also faced numerous struggles. Finding the right manufacturer was a tough job, and formulation of products is not at all easy when you are a true and honest company. These struggles they faced were because of their plan to make the products Certified Made Safe and Toxic-Free.

Therefore finding the right manufacturer demanded a great effort. She started the brand with a sum of 50000. Hence it was a risky business but worth starting.


Today Kalon Natural is running as a great company with the constant effort of 10+ people. Most of the staff consists of women employees who give their 100 per cent to work. Here the women are handling the majority of tasks like marketing and operations, production and much more. Hence, Chandni Daga Bagri is a great woman who became successful and gave a lifetime opportunity to other women to work in her company and achieve their dreams as well.

In a nutshell, success comes to those who have the power to struggle and have the power to learn from each failure and turn it in their favour. She is an embodiment of truth, courage and a never-ending spirit. She is a great figure. She is a truly humble figure. She is a woman of great knowledge and wits.

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