Charit Jaggi: Founder Of We The Young

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We The Young, the name of one of India’s most popular and loved youth media platforms, is a statement in itself. A statement that the young have arrived and it is our age, our time, right now. From the world of films and journalism to launching this social enterprise, Charit Jaggi, the founder of We The Young, is today a role model and mentor for thousands of young Indians.

The platform brings out inspiring youth stories in the form of relatable videos on topics like mental health, gender inequality, LGBTQIA+ issues, education, digital literacy and advocacy.

In an interview, Charit said “We are one of the world’s largest youth populations and yet our news media is flooded with people and content from a different generation. When will this change? When will we see conversations on topics like mental health and political representation of young Indians? We believe change starts young, it starts now, with us.”

‘Mental Health Dost,’ a platform effort, is an online assistance and resource site. It’s a comprehensive database of services, hotlines, publications, and art therapy suggestions, among other things, to assist those who are in need. WTY then went on to direct What’s Up Zindagi, Delhi’s largest mental health gathering, where youths were offered seminars on mental health understanding.

“We need to provide more platforms and safe spaces for individuals to come and express their vulnerabilities and problems,” said Charit Jaggi, in the event.

“Even though we have 333 million young people, the world’s biggest youth population, many of us are alone in our battles with loneliness, anxiety, and despair. No one deserves to be alone in their suffering. There is a pressing need for us as a generation to join together today, more than ever.”

  • Charit Jaggi, Founder, We The Young

We The Young is pressing discussions around subjects like Mental Health, Online Safety, Bullying and Harassment, Feminism, and LGBTQIA+ Concerns by introducing stories of youngsters. These issues have always been taboo to discuss in front of others. But with the emergence of organizations like We The Young. With 700+ videos reaching over a million people per month, their major objective is to help the young generation in creating a much more expressive and insightful online base.

A few of India’s most prestigious newspapers, including The Times of India, Economic Times, India Today, and Your Story Media, have highlighted their work. They’ve collaborated with UNDP, the Government of India, Instagram, Facebook, and Oxfam India on youth-focused social benefit projects. On issues such as mental health awareness, government policy, social reform communication, training young people, and 21st – century education. Charit has been a keynote speaker, journalist, and panelist, attempting to reflect the opinion of Young India both locally and internationally.

Charit recalls having a hard time dealing with bullies in school, who would make fun of his appearance. Today, his venture is ensuring that no one else has to go through the same alone, that they should know, no matter what, they always have someone to seek help from. It is fitting to say, Charit’s journey of struggle, strength and resilience is worth all the admiration and adulation, today he is a role model noy just for young Indians, but for young people across the globe. Viva, We The Young!

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